Next update will include the following!

Version 2.0 09/30/2018

[Added] digitalocean spaces storage.
[Added] Hug system.
[Added] reaction system (Like, Haha, wow, angry, love).
[Added] gift system, users can send each other gifts.
[Added] statics and charts to daily ads views / clicks.
[Added] Infobip to SMS providers.
[Added] stripe to wallet system like on go pro page.
[Added] password recovery by phone number.
[Added] estimated user reach on create ads page.
[Added] bitcoin (coinpayments) payment method for ads and pro system.
[Added] Payment Transactions history for wallet topups and pro system, with the ability to turn this feature on or off.
[Added] the option to change the phone number from settings page.
[Added] popular posts page.
[Added] photos & videos sections to profile.
[Added] End video chat button.
[Added] ability to use percentage in the affiliate system.
[Added] telegram to share options.
[Added] admin can disable and enable social share links.
[Added] more emojies.
[Added] shortkey for posts, clicking “j” to scroll to next post.
[Added] points system, user can earn points for posts, comments, likes, dislikes, wonders, and reactions. (User can spend points on pro or ads, or he can requst them as dollars).
[Added] stickers to chat and messages.
[Added] rotate system for images.
[Added] Manage developer applications from admin panel.
[Added] Report comment to admin.
[Added] Advanced search system for custom fields.
[Added] Added filter by age, and verfied to the search system.
[Added] suggested groups / pages in my groups and my pages.
[Added] search system in blog.
[Added] auto friend system (Auto follow / friend with new registred users).
[Added] the ability to view mutual friends from the profile (friends system).
[Added] the ability to know who viewed your stories via notifications.
[Added] ReCaptcha check to forgot password form (secuirty).
[Added] blog comment notifications.
[Added] Email notification when the user’s account was deleted.
[Added] a warning message before unfriending someone.
[Added] session manager (users can view / manage browser / platforms where they are logged in).
[Added] notification management system (Users can choose what kind of notifications they want to get).
[Added] the ability to add followers to a specific user using IDs, in Admin > Users (Enabled just in follow system).
[Added] blacklist system, admin can blacklist emails, usernames, and IP addresses.
[Added] activities system, user can view his own activities from his profile (like, dislike, react, wonder, comment, reply, follow, friends).
[Added] the ability for a user to choose if their profile should be found/indexed by search engines.
[Improved] load speed.
[Compressed] JS files to few less files.
[Fixed] bugs on API.
[Fixed] major bugs in the script. (+1
[Fixed] 3 security issues.

Come and join our discord server! You can communicate with us as well as give feedback and even see whats to come! Just hit the "Register now" button on the left top side below the profile picture!

The HTTPS is now on FOTUS Online, I am sorry for the delay on that. Works great now. Please invite all your gamer friends on here!

Did you know that FOTUS Online is a platform for gamers and that you can use your gamertags as your display name to keep private? We respect your privacy here at FOTUS Online and we want to make sure everyone is safe.

So a big update hit with our url, you will now receive emails from as well as the URL is now instead of .net. Please be aware that the .net domain you had before, will still redirect you. You may need to clear you cache for changes to take effect. Thank you all and have a great day!

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