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I usually only play offline, but domination is not really difficult for me.


Thank you. Haha I am a player. I usually only play offline, but domination is not really difficult for me. I win every game on problem. I really don't know which players that I need to use on TT offline. I am just using Antoine Walker, Chris Paul and Kobe. Would you know a inexpensive lineup which can get me some simpler wins. I won 12 and played like 18 games offline. On the internet I tried my luck but held on for a brief time since I have beaten up. I'm on ruby token reward level. I usually was playing fifa this past year but start of april I changed to cheap NBA 2K20 MT .

Spotlight Sims should be a challenge if you are killing Domination. The CPU scales up in TT Offline to fit your player level, so that you can win with pretty many any team, but the AI doesn't really get better, either. Cheap beasts: Amythyst Isaac Bonga, Ruby Donte DiVincenzo, Ruby Thon Maker, Amythyst Mo Bamba. You can most likely win some games online with that category. The majority of the players you'd win in the Spotlight Sims can immediate step into your lineup.

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