Looking Back Runescape Once I Maxed My Account

Really I think it's the best representation for new players.


Really I think it's the best representation for new players. Looking back RuneScape Gold   once I maxed my account a few years back I realised that the quality of upgrades during my journey was so far below what should have been standard, which stood at harsh contrast with the high quality and frequency of MTX releases.

There is so much lore they could base outfits and items on also. Those fresh YakTrack items seem so bizarre, cause they've absolutely no connection to anything at all - equuis, dioscuri - what's that? Who are they? What's it here? I mean, you've noticed the Yak Track's astrology theme, right? The constellation Equuleus is known as Equuis Primus, and Dioscuri describes legend, Castor and Pollux's twins - the eponymous twins of the constellation Gemini.

We all know for true that the science of astronomy is present in Gielinor - that the Observatory pursuit affirms the presence of our zodiac, and Wizard Chambers studies the stars and their connection to magic. I could easily see him involved in a quest - possibly involving the Moon Clan, given their use of runes specifically - about constellations and astromancy. Maybe rewarding you with an expansion to the Lunar Spellbook, untouched for years?

It looks like something that would come out of this machine at the end of the movie"Spy Kids" where he'd like 3 faces. It is God awful. The remainder of the time folks look with luminous wings like Power Rangers that are colorful. I don't have any idea what's going on.

I believe it is important that players see what type of game Old School Runescape Gold 3 is now, so they don't do what I did and get fully invested in to what ends up being a shallow, very random, and altogether disappointing trip that pales compared to this pre-MTX version of RuneScape that almost all of us fondly remember.